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Q: What does an insurance broker do?
A: A broker works for you, not an insurance company to provide you with the coverage that suits your needs best. Brokers are also a good source for advice and information about insurance coverage.

Q: Why should I hire an insurance broker? Can't I just get insurance on my own?
A: If you were to call up an insurance agent (who works for the company you're calling) you're more likely to get a sales-pitch than impartial information. Because an insurance broker doesn't make contracts or exclusive agreements with insurance companies, you can trust the advice and information they give. Working with a professional broker ensures that you get the best, most complete coverage for the most reasonable price.

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Q: What's the difference between a real estate broker and a Designated Broker?
A: A real estate broker may not legally work independently, they must be supervised by a designated broker. To become a designated broker, the broker must have a number of years of full-time real estate experience, additional education, and pass a state licensing exam.

Q: What should I look for in a real estate agent/broker?
A: A good real estate agent/broker does several things: He or she will explain the entire process to you in a language you understand; he or she explains your options to you and does not pressure you in favor of any option; a good agent/broker recommends trustworthy experts to help you make better informed decisions; and a good agent/broker knows their neighborhood well.